The sale of ivory within the UK is still legal. Current legislation states that it is legal to sell antique ivory: it must be worked or carved from elephants killed before 1947. However, by estimates, approximately twenty-thousand elephants are killed each year by poachers and the species now faces extinction.

Nick has regularly lent his support to the IFAW and their work to protect and rescue animals worldwide. Most recently, he attended a Parliamentary event campaigning the need to ban the ivory trade in the UK. The event promoted the IFAW’s Big Ivory Surrender campaign in which the British public are being encouraged to send in ivory artefacts for the IFAW to dispose of it safely and, by doing so, the public can demonstrate their support of a UK-wide ban on the ivory trade.

A recent poll by YouGov indicated that an overwhelming 95% of poll respondents stated that they would not be interested in purchasing antique ivory products.

At the IFAW event, Nick stated:

“With elephant populations at an all-time low and the species facing extinction due to the ivory poaching crisis, I am very pleased to support this important initiative which enables members of the public to make a real difference for elephants and their future survival. I would encourage any of my constituents who have unwanted ivory to support IFAW’s ivory surrender which will help ensure that ivory is only valued on a live, wild elephant, where it belongs.”

To learn more about the IFAW and their work, take a look at their website which can be found here.

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