Theresa May will be asking the House of Commons to endorse a General Election date of 8 June 2017.

I will stand in any election on my record here in Torfaen – over the past two years I have worked as hard as I possibly can for local people and they will always be my first priority. I have always respected the result of the EU referendum and we now need a Brexit that works for the majority of people, not just the richest: in Brexit negotiations we must prioritise local jobs and ensure that the UK Government continues to provide funding for Torfaen once European structural funding ends.

This Tory Government is not on the side of hard-working people across the country. Their priority has been to cut inheritance tax for the wealthiest not to act to support the vast majority of people in difficult times. Their agenda of cuts has failed economically and has hit working people hardest.

In my two years in the House of Commons I have always been robust in my approach to scrutinising the Tories by speaking out and have been able to hold the government to account in the roles I have held as Shadow Pensions Minister, Shadow Employment Minister and Shadow Solicitor-General. Indeed, I will be spending today scrutinising the government on the critical issue of access to justice.

I am also deeply proud to have secured legislative changes on access to off-patent drugs and I will always fight for those who suffer from cancer and other conditions.

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