Torfaen Council’s motion opposing the Trade Union Bill has been backed by the local AM and MP. The motion, which was passed in Council this week [20th October], opposes the Bill, calling the proposals “counterproductive, vindictive, socially divisive and an illiberal attack on democracy and fundamental freedoms.”

Local AM Lynne Neagle said: “Wales has a proud history of harmonious industrial relations thanks to the social partnership approach adopted by the Welsh Government, trade unions, businesses and wider civil society.

The Trade Union Bill risks damaging and undermining these industrial and constructive employment relations and may result in more, not less, industrial action. I am therefore pleased that a motion, tabled by the Deputy Leader of Torfaen Council Anthony Hunt, was passed by councillors, showing how they are standing up to the Tory UK Government and standing up for the rights of people who find themselves under this ideological attack.”

Member of Parliament Nick Thomas Symonds said:

“This Trade Union Bill is totally unnecessary – it’s just a crass partisan attack on Trade Unions by the Conservative Government. I will oppose it all the way, and I’m glad that our local Council are doing so too. The Government may want to demonise them, but Trade Union members are ordinary, hard-working people trying to provide for their families. As the motion points out, Union members help run the vital services that we all rely on, often for very modest rewards. They deserve our respect, not to be demonised like this Government is doing.”

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