The Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) is an organisation dedicated to campaigning against the UK Government’s plans to raise the state pension age of women to sixty-five. The women who were born in the 1950’s are most heavily affected by the acceleration of the State pension age in 2011 and were not given sufficient notice of the impending changes.

As the former Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, pension inequality is a cause Nick feels passionately about. In July 2017, Nick spoke in a Westminster Hall debate, organised by Grahame Morris, Member of Parliament for Easington on the State pension age for women in order to voice his concerns regarding the rise in women’s state pension age of the 2015 Parliament.

The rise in pension age, Mr. Thomas-Symonds stated that the Government “are simply slamming the door in the face of the 1950’s women”.

Regarding the debate, Nick said:

“I was delighted that my colleague Graeme Morris secured a Westminster Hall debate for this very important issue. I will continue to fight for the women who have been affected by this change in State pension age”.

To learn more about WASPI and the work they do, take a look at their website which can be found here.

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