Nick Thomas-Symonds, Member of Parliament for Torfaen, has issued the following statement  on the Government’s Autumn Budget Statement:

“When the country is crying out for bold measures after eight years of austerity that have done untold damage to our national economy, Philip Hammond’s uninspiring budget offered nothing.  After the failure of Tory economic policy, it is no wonder growth projections remain below 2% until 2022.

“The Chancellor claimed “austerity is finally coming to an end” but those words will mean little to families whose living standards have been squeezed. Our frontline public services that are in a state of crisis, and local authorities are starved of cash all around the country as they try to make ends meet.

“Nothing was done to tackle the scourge of insecure work and the vast number of zero-hours contracts.  The Tories are ploughing on with the disastrous Universal Credit rollout, which has caused so many problems for my constituents, and showed no remorse for the way they have driven up poverty. This Government will not deliver the change of direction our country needs.”

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