Capital Valley Plastics congratulated in commercial efforts to recycle and reuse waste plastics

On 23 April, local Member of Parliament, Nick Thomas-Symonds MP highlighted the work of local firm, Capital Valley Plastics, in their work using waste plastic – that would otherwise be in landfill or in our oceans – as raw material for its final product during a debate moved by Sir Vince Cable, in Parliament.

Climate change has been heavily addressed in recent weeks following the surge of protests by schoolchildren across the country to address climate change issues and issues of plastics in our oceans, and the calls for the Government to address these environmental issues.

The work of Capital Valley Plastics in Torfaen has been noted previously for their work as they were nominated by Mr. Thomas-Symonds as a Responsible Business Champion. Parliamentarians were asked to look for companies that supported their local community; invested in healthy workplaces; and worked to reduce their environmental impact.

Capital Valley Plastics manufacture over 9000 tonnes of finished products that are 100% recycled, all of which are made from polythene waste. Since EMC and Capital Valley Plastics were formed, the companies have recovered over 250,000 tonnes of polythene scrap.

When asked about this, Mr. Thomas-Symonds stated:

“Capital Valley Plastics’ work reducing the amount of waste plastic being deposited in landfills is to be commended, and set a great example of both corporate and environmental responsibility.

“Their model of manufacturing is sustainable and one that could be an example for others to follow.”

Mr. Roger Phillips, Managing Director of Capital Valley Plastics, said:

“We are very proud of our achievements to date. It’s very difficult to visualise 250,000 tonnes of plastic waste. It’s a little easier to visualise 16666 articulated lorry loads of scrap. That’s how much we have recycled since the companies were formed!

“Hopefully with the support of Welsh Government and WRAP, we plan to introduce a further production line in the very near future, increasing our requirement for recycled polythene material even further, creating jobs and contributing to the circular economy.”

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