On Wednesday 6th September, Torfaen MP, Nick Thomas-Symonds lent his support to the UK Youth Parliament’s Make Your Mark campaign. The campaign which focuses on giving young people a chance to have their say on the issue that they are most passionate about.

The Make Your Mark ballot allows young people to vote on an issue that they would like the members of the UK Youth Parliament to vote in in the House of Commons. Last year a total of 978, 216 young people from all across the UK took part in a ballot to vote on the issue, including 610 from Torfaen.

Mr. Thomas-Symonds said:

“It is fantastic to see so many young people engaging with politics and speaking out on the issues that they are most passionate about. Having taken an interest in politics as a teenager, I know how rewarding it can be to make an impact. The Make Your Mark campaign offers young people the chance to do just that and I encourage the schools and youth organisations in Torfaen to make their voices heard.”

The Make Your Make ballot engages 11-18 years olds to vote on an issue that Members of the UK Youth Parliament will debate on.

The MYP for Torfaen, Samantha Locke voiced her support for the scheme, stating:

“I look forward to leading the Make Your Mark ballot in Torfaen. It is a great way for young people, aged 11-18, to get their voices heard on issues that matter to them. I will visit as many schools and youth groups as possible in a bid to get a powerful response from young people in my area.”

Votes can be taken until October 5th 2017 and must be submitted before noon on the 6th of October. To find out how your school or youth organisation can get involved, please take a look at the UK Youth Parliament website found here.



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