On 21 May 2019, local MP, Nick Thomas-Symonds, voiced his support for the British Steel industry amid an urgent question demanding the Government make a statement about recent media reports that British Steel is on the verge of administration.

Mr. Thomas-Symonds questioned the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Andrew Stephenson MP, about the Government’s commitment to support the UK’s Steel industry and urged the Government to ensure that the forthcoming Royal Navy Fleet Solid Support Ships are built of U.K. Steel.

Mr. Thomas-Symonds said the following:

“As the son of a steel worker, this is an issue that concerns me greatly. The uncertainty caused by this Government’s lack of positive industrial policies makes for worrying times for steelworkers and their families. I hope the Government heeds the points raised today by Parliamentarians and acts on its assurances to support the sector.”

“I have often spoken out supporting the Steel sector and will continue to do so.”

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