Nick Thomas-Symonds MP has pledged to support the PowertotheBump campaign in a drive to help stamp our maternity discrimination.

A shocking 10% of mothers under 25 reported they left their employers as a result of risks not being resolved. Furthermore 15% of mothers under 25 were discouraged from attending antenatal appointments and around a quarter of all mothers under 25 reported experiencing a negative impact on their health and stress levels due to work.

As part of their ongoing work to tackle pregnancy and maternity discrimination, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched #PowertotheBump, a digital campaign to help young expectant and new mums understand and use their rights at work. The campaign is designed to bring together young mothers to share their experiences and knowledge so they are able to assert their rights and challenge any poor treatment which might be discriminatory.

New research shows that young mothers are significantly more likely to experience maternity discrimination, with six times as many under 25 year olds reporting being dismissed from their jobs after they informed their employer of their pregnancy.

Mr Thomas-Symonds, who is expecting his third child with wife Rebecca in September, said, “PowertotheBump is a fantastic campaign that helps to inform young mothers of their rights in the workplace. It is shameful that women are being discriminated against for having a baby.”

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