Nick Thomas-Symonds, the newly elected Labour MP for Torfaen, visited leading manufacturer Knauf Insulation’s Cwmbran site on Friday 7 August.

Born-and-bred Welshman, Nick Thomas-Symonds, took a tour of the insulation manufacturer’s plant and met local workers and directors who showcased some of the sustainable ways that energy saving insulation is made at the factory.
Commenting on the visit, Mr Thomas-Symonds said:

“I was very pleased to visit local employer Knauf Insulation and to see the important work they are doing at their plant in Cwmbran. Fuel poverty is a real problem in Torfaen and companies like Knauf are playing a vital role in tackling this issue.

“Properly insulating your home can vastly improve your energy efficiency, not only saving you and your family money but also benefiting the environment by helping to reduce carbon emissions.”

Steven Heath, Director of Public Affairs and Strategy at Knauf Insulation, Northern Europe attended the visit, he said:

“It has been a pleasure to show Nick around the Cwmbran plant, allow him to meet our hardworking staff, and to see the energy saving products that we make here.

“Ultimately, if your house is under insulated you will be paying too much, even if you switch supplier. It is with this in mind that Knauf Insulation is committed both to this community and, through products made in Cwmbran, to improving the way that homes and communities use energy across the UK.”

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