On the 16 August, Nick Thomas-Symonds MP travelled with his constituent Siân Cousins to the possible new Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) site in Treforest. The DWP site currently in Cwmbran is under threat from closure. It is suggested that the closure of Glyndwr House in Cwmbran and Soverign House in Newport could merge into a new site in Treforest. However, as Mr Thomas-Symonds MP found, the commute would take five hours and 10 minutes.

The total journey, there and back, involved four buses and two trains with a combined time of five hours and 10 minutes. Mr Thomas-Symonds MP said “Officially the DWP have not said where the office will be built but it is my understanding that it will be to the location in Treforest where I went with Siân.

“I have received a letter from the employment minister Damian Hinds MP and in a parliamentary debate, I asked him about the assessment of where people lived who worked in Cwmbran and about the public transport options.

“The purpose of the trip was to illustrate the effect on those who live in Cwmbran but for also those will be required to travel from the Newport site.

The journey, which involved four buses and two trains, lasted a combined five hours and 10 minutes.

“The way of the geography of the valleys is that people tend to travel up and down and not across.

“This demonstrates to me that the government needs to look at the assessment which they have described in the letter.

“The Welsh Government has been keen to push jobs out of Cardiff and into different localities.

“This policy of the DWP is diametrically opposed to that concept. North of Cardiff is a somewhat vague way of describing this as you can describe most of Wales as north of Cardiff.”

Mr Thomas-Symonds MP has requested that the Employment Minister, Mr Damian Hinds MP joins him on the commute to highlight the length of time it would take.


Full news coverage of the day can be found on the South Wales Argus and the following link:


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